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On our planet, there are a lot of people who need medical care. We can’t help everybody, therefore our association carefully studies each application. The purpose of the wards’ selection is in giving the chance to receive treatment to those who are ready to take responsibility for their health and who have made a conscious choice for our association. Responsibility for the health means active actions in work on yourself. In each process, the ward will be helped by the employees and volunteers of our association.


Application conditions:

We accept applications only in the presence of the accurate diagnosis.

The person who submits an application to the association has to understand that the application is not the shift of responsibility. Each participant actively participates in distribution of information in any way.

Choosing our association, you agree to abandon any other similar platforms (associations). Our association does not move funds to personal accounts but only to accounts of the French clinics. If it is found that the participant is engaged in parallel fund-raising, then his account is distributed between other conscientious participants. Choosing such policy, we want to eliminate all opportunists. It is important for us that our wards completely concentrated only on one fund-raising resource. We are sure that it is the best way to achieve the goal.

In the choice of candidates, we give preference to those who are ready to take the responsibility for the health and destiny. We select those who precisely know why they need to be healthy, those people who have a dream.

In order to accommodate your candidate you need to pass the following stages:

1.Send the medical record, cover letter and photo.

2.If you received an affirmative answer from the association, write your story and dream of recovery (story in 300 words, dream in 200 words). It is necessary to attach to a story a photo, which will show your love to France.

3.If your candidate was accepted, then the translation of your story and dream into English and French will become the first step. At will, it is possible to translate into other languages – German, Spanish, etc. This will ensure that more people could know about your story and give you support.

4.After that, we will begin to supervise you recovery and your participation plays the defining role.

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