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We are glad to welcome you on the website of our association!

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We have been working on a creation of a charity association for a long time. Each of us has the main job, family, personal life but it didn’t stop us, and we tried to give a maximum of free time to our association and its development because we understand all its importance.

The idea to create the charity association came to us a long time ago. Now it is difficult to remember what acted as a catalyst for the project development but it is possible to say that all of us just want to help sick people who can’t afford expensive treatment. Certainly, many of them managed to raise huge sums but how many sick people didn’t get much-needed help? We understand that the more the sum, the more difficult it is to raise it.

For this reason, we want to do everything possible to help persons in need. For us, it is easier to do it for many reasons. First of all, we know the medical market, so, dishonorable people couldn’t deceive us. Unfortunately, there are always those who want to make money on others trouble. In our practice, we noticed more than once that the bills for treatment weren’t always true and were strongly exaggerated. As we have ties in France, we are capable of checking bills and excluding options where cheats can make money on unfortunate people. We always try to find a cheaper option but quality of treatment doesn’t suffer. For certain, everybody knows about the highest quality of medicine in France but not all know that prices for the French treatment are very affordable. If we compare treatment in France to such countries as the USA, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, etc., we will see that the level of treatment will be equally high everywhere but the prices seriously differ. Among these countries, the lowest prices are in France! The most humane approach to treatment is the reason of it, in France doctors don’t think about money, they, first of all, think about the health of the patient.

Many people worked on a concept of the association, we tried to make the most dynamic and modern project in which charity and help will look like an interesting occupation but not a boring action. Every sick person needs positive emotions, he should be distracted from his problems but not be reminded of them. We are sure that our charity association will save many lives! Let’s do it together!

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