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The influence of charitable foundations

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In any civilized country, much attention is paid to charity. Unfortunately, the state isn’t always capable of helping all needy.

In such situations, charity is really invaluable and irreplaceable.

For ordinary people charity is an opportunity to change the world to the best, save someone’s life, help their neighbor. If society loses the feeling of solidarity and justice, there will be no future.

Any manifestation of charity is a manifestation of good will, a manifestation of interest in the destiny of other people. Charity can have local, national and even global scales; however, its essence and ultimate goal don’t change because of it.

For this purpose, Meditravel and Creative Marketing Solution will cooperate and give money to the French Medical Heart association. We think that charity has a positive effect on consciousness and responsibility of workers. The fact that a part of their salary goes to charity improves the efficiency of their work.

Charity is not only money; first of all, it is a culture of people! It’s not so important, how much you can donate, what matters is that you do it sincerity and from the heart.

With a small income, it isn’t necessary to donate big sums. Just imagine if one rich person donates 1000 dollars, and 1000 rather poor – only 5 dollars. The total sum will be 5 times higher. And if there will be much more such people! As you can see, participation but not the sum is really important.

Some people think that charity is only monetary donations. Actually, it includes many other things.

For example, it can be free legal advice, the free help of a teacher, free excursion or a photo shoot. It is possible to find enough options, not everything comes down to money, though many things depend on it.

If you want to increase your responsibility and consciousness through charity, we invite you to join Meditravel and Creative Marketing Solution!


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