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Organization of a volunteer program

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The organization of work of charity association is an important task, demanding thorough training. Today, with the help of Tolkacheva Anna, we have been working to organize work of volunteers. How to bring together a group of active young people, how to motivate them, what difficulties can we face, what problems should we solve?

Our work with the Red Cross helps us a lot. Many of our volunteers came from this organization. They had experience in working with people who got into difficult situations and gave them help and support. Anya prepared materials on psychosocial support.

The Red Cross collected good practical manuals on that sphere. By the way, these manuals are rather rare. Even in pedagogical and psychological universities, there are not enough well-worked manuals relating to work with people in crisis situations.

The Red Cross collected and systematized techniques of work of volunteers in different situations. It is a big responsibility to come in close contact with the person who got into trouble and build an equal and confidential relationship with him.

It is important not to hurt not only the ward but also the volunteer as often nerves of sick people are also traumatized and it isn’t simple to communicate with them. It is important to respect the boundaries and effectively interact.

Wonderful that there are young active people who are ready to develop and help other people. There is a wish to express great gratitude to the Red Cross for the training of guys and creation of such important manuals.

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