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Today I have once again thought about my love of France. So, for what do I love France? For the fact that in this country the rights of each person with his specific features, views, and situation in society are respected. Though… human rights are just a drop in the ocean – France treats all its citizens decently and humanely.
Marianna is the symbol of France, she is a woman and a mother. Everybody knows that mother never turns her back on her child even if the whole world is against him. We’re all a little bit childish, and I think that for all of us it is extremely important to feel care and security. It is possible to develop only in love, care, and understanding.
And France successfully brings up its children, raising them in the atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding. All of us are different in this country, but, we are united by the general culture. We are lucky to live in an environment conducive to the development. I think that’s all that matters.
I have been participating in various charitable projects since 2008. I can’t overlook the fate of those who have been much less fortunate. They are a part of me, and all of us are someone’s children, we have to be them. Nobody should be left alone with his problems. How can brothers and sisters turn their back on him?
Is it worth denying the assistance to others and is it worth denying any opportunity to help? It is human nature to love the neighbor. However, it is not always possible to display this feeling. As well as many others feelings, love demands realization. When we push down our feelings, we violently narrow our soul that is wide by nature and is ready to accommodate everyone and everything.
It seems to me that the person who has made a step towards the world by rejecting offenses and claims will take the following step towards assistance to those in need. Many people from my environment who, as well as me, have been doing charity work for a long time cannot always find words to express those related incredible feelings.
Expansion of consciousness? Transformation of identity? And also a certain deep feeling of peace like you are entering a certain zone of patronage. You’re growing up by contributing to the general benefit, your small, bothering problems will go away.
I so needed this feeling, and France introduced me to this cultural tradition when considering the culture as a realization of universal and spiritual values. So, is it self-realization? Exactly. France creates conditions and helps to find yourself in this world.
The national motto of France is “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”. Let’s look how the third word of the motto — brotherhood — is defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
“One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”.
And France creates and participates in various charitable international projects. Thanks to France millions of lives and destinies are saved around the world. So, for what do I love France? Probably because France loves all of us!

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