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Saturday, November 25, 2017 in Le Mans, there was an event, aimed at raising awareness and promoting volunteering as well as citizen engagement.
The village of solidarity is in the heart of Le Mans. It is a home of various associations such as “Stop violence against women” or the “French Red Cross”.
The end of November is often the time of the offers before the period of winter festivals that one calls “Black Friday” which favors the passage in the streets, in spite of a cold and sullen weather such as the weather on 25th November. There were a lot of interested families, couples and single persons.
Our association had the opportunity to present the paintings of one of its founders Julia Poyda. The collected money was intended to serve for the operation of a young Ukrainian woman Oxana who needs a reconstruction of the bladder. Being new, it allowed us to explore a little better the world of the associations from the inside, meet people who are not indifferent to the distress and who have big hearts. While each of us has a past in volunteering, the creation of a new structure is a great experience for each of the founders of French Medical Heart. We often ask ourselves, if we do enough, if we do well and the support and the example of our colleagues (other associations) are very important elements.

French-Medical-Heart-et-le-village-de-la-solidarite-au-Mans l-importance-de-l-action-solidaire

This kind of event is very important because they allow you to feel united, to share this little flame of love with passers-by, giving them the example, how to be happy in giving and doing things for others.
Being part of a beneficent association is necessary for every person, because it satisfies not only the needs of belonging, but also such highest positions of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as self-fulfillment. The human being is made so that first of all he seeks to satisfy his most primitive needs such as hunger; however, the greatest satisfaction comes when one satisfies spiritual needs. From here, giving and volunteering are essential.
There are a considerable number of ” causes ” and everyone can find what is close to them. For example, animal lovers can find happiness in such organizations as The Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA), The 30 Million Friends Foundation, and The Brigitte Bardot Foundation (FBB). Sometimes people will be more sensitive to one organization than another. For example, the victim of racism will be a perfect advocate for non-discrimination, and the person with a disabled relative will be able to feel more useful in associations and foundations for helping people with disabilities.
It is important for people to understand that giving and helping brings much more satisfaction and happiness than doing things for oneself. Meaningful volunteering is also a kind of self-help and personal development that can heal the wounds of the soul and help to feel useful.
These operations are beneficial to the education of the population on the importance of solidarity action.


One of the people who did not remain indifferent to our action and who bought Julia’s painting, was the elected Regional Council Pascal Nicot, it is even more motivating to be supported by the politicians.
Our association also wanted to thank Yves Calippe, deputy mayor of Le Mans, and Catherine Brulé-Delahaye, deputy mayor, public health delegate, and community counselor.

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