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How can you donate and why should you do it?

On our website, you can provide targeted assistance and donate to the association. Providing the targeted assistance, you help the specific person to raise money for necessary treatment. The association closely follows finance and provides on-demand information on the flow of funds in and out.

Please note that each visitor of the website can donate directly to the association. These funds will be spent on the site content, an organization of events, on the attraction of financial resources and promoting of the association, Internet advertising, mailings. Remaining funds in equal shares are distributed between the wards. Donating to the association, you help all at once.


When we come to the rescue of the person, in his eyes we look like Angels. You can also help people and be an Angel. You can offer money for treatment or help to raise funds for our wards.

Our Archangels

Archangels are the companies, which paid the whole operation or regularly donating to the association.


Our Angels

Angels are all those who donated any sum to the association or for treatment of our wards.


Our guardian angels

Volunteers who support and accompany the ward in the process of raising funds.