France is a healthy and bright future!

French medicine is one of the strongest in the world. In spite of the excellent quality of the French medicine, prices for treatment in France are lower than in other developed countries that allow helping the bigger number of people and accelerating process of fund-raising for the specific person.

In addition, France is the most visited country in the world. Almost everyone wants to visit France.

There are a lot of people, who need a highly skilled help but unfortunately, cannot afford it. We help people to fulfill their dream of recovery, having combined it with a pleasant trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

We collect strong, kind and positive people who are ready to help surrounding people and make this world kinder. Our goal is to help people to believe in the dream and realize it. The positive spirit and belief are the best assistants on the way to recovery.

In today’s world, unfortunately, the real close communication is a big rarity. There are a lot of words, but there are not enough feelings and sense. We suggest reviving the value of the real communication in order to treat not only the body but also soul. It is important to make new friends and support each other. Giving love to people, we are filled up with it!

Communicating with other concerned people, we fuel the flame in the breast even stronger.

As you can see, the organization of our association is special. The mission of our association is special. The mission of our association consist in improvement of our patients' life .

1. We have chats for communication of all active participants of the foundation

2. Each of our participants can realize his talents within our association. Write a verse, record a song, paint a picture or shoot a video. Any manifestations of your creativity will promote both your self-realization and our mission

3.One of our values is the personal development. We would like our actions to result in the personal and spiritual development. We periodically organize various webinars and actions for the active participants

4.Our goal is to create conditions for mutual aid and disclosure of people. Act with love and compassion. .

Creators and participants of the association

Julia Poyda

My name is Julia Poyda. I was born in Ukraine in an era of the Soviet Union. I have been living in France since the age of 20. I traveled a lot. I am married, we have four children. I am an artist.

Why I’ve decided to take part in the project:0

1) I am a religious woman. I have been always religious since I remember myself though I was born in the family of atheists. I always got a feeling that many people from my environment live “somehow incorrectly”, having entirely focused on the material aspect of this world. Now, years later, I manage to understand people better, I do not treat them so categorically. And so, I consider that all of us participate in the realization of the Plan of our General Creator. I notice that the humanity is at a transformation stage on the way of its Realization, and this process is painful. We can, and we have to support each other on the road. On this road, we are a single whole as fingers on the same hand. So, helping each other, we actually help ourselves.

2) Since the early childhood. I felt the unity with people around. Such phenomena as “competition” seemed something obviously senseless to me. So happens that I’ve had a lot of sufferings during one of the “dark” periods of my life. At that time, I gradually started understanding that the only thing that I want is that none of the people felt anything similar and in our homeland, pain and sufferings lessened. So I came close to defining my calling.

3) I think that each person has to follow the calling because this is the only way to fulfill yourself and be happy. I understood that my calling is to serve beautiful and help people. Therefore, I chose art and charity for myself. I think that such phenomena as beauty and harmony come to us from the area of “transcendental”, awakening those qualities, which bring us closer to the realization of the Divine Plan. And as for the desire to help people, I started realizing it through participation in various charity events.

And there was a miracle!

When I decided for myself that I would be faithful to my calling and contribute as much as I can, rapid changes to the best began in my life. So I faced the thing that I can only call as “law”. This law is that if you give something to the Universe, it will generously return it. But it is necessary to give sincerely, from the heart. Whether the principle of this law was meant in the statement: “One never loses by doing a good turn”?

I wish all of us, who are still here, while we are alive, have learned compassion. So the world in which we live will become purer and kinder.



I was very fortunate: I was born and grew in a great family with wonderful and loving parents. When I was a child, my parents sent me for a study to France and I fell in love with this country and its culture. For me, the French and their way of life are very congenial.

Having graduated from the university, I started working in the field of medical tourism and helping to organize treatment for foreigners in France. From the very beginning, most people were generally interested in France as the area for plastic surgery but soon we started receiving applications for more serious diseases, such as oncology, neurology and heart diseases.

Beginning to work in the field of medical tourism, I never thought that it is emotionally hard. Accompanying our patients at each stage of treatment, I strongly worried about each of them, especially, if it concerned children or seriously ill people. But the most difficult was when people who had not only serious problems with health but also which were not able to afford treatment asked for our help. At such moments, you feel devastated from the fact that you cannot help. For this reason, we came up with the idea of creating charity association and presenting hope for those who could not dream to receive treatment, not to mention treatment in France. We decided not to put limits or standards concerning age, diseases. We just want to give chance to everyone, whether it will be a lonely elderly person, child or just a woman who dreams of restoring her breast after radical mastectomy.

Speaking of my dream, I want the association to present as much joy and happiness as possible, but I also want to have an opportunity to help animal shelters. I love animals very much and I sincerely believe that true love to people begins with love to animals.


My story:

I am an ordinary guy from the Belarusian village. I differed from all other peers because I always Believed. I believed in Good, in Love, in Dream. I believed that nothing in this world is casual. This belief always led me on the Road of Life. And I started meeting interesting people. Strong, creative people paid attention and made time for me. Thanks to my curiosity and persistence, I strongly improved my health, developed skills in the field of coaching, management, marketing. I was quickly promoted and became the head of IT company. Career development for me, first of all, is an opportunity to widen my creative potential and serve surrounding people using my talents. Holding this position, I promote distribution of kind, light and useful in every possible way. It is my dream …

My dream:

I do not trust in “utopia”. I am not a supporter of the fact that there can be such condition of society in which everything is “good”. I believe that perfection does not have a limit. At all times the humanity faces various challenges. We get used to good very quickly, and then it becomes the norm for us. However, there is always an opportunity to move towards bigger happiness, prosperity, health, knowledge, technologies, love, understanding, friendship, creativity.

My participation in this association is dictated by my vital credo – I am happy when I share happiness with others. When I give people love, I increase it in myself and in the world surrounding me.

My mission is to help people to fulfill their dream. Life and health are the most valuable things that we have. Helping people to find health and belief in the kindness of the world, I create conditions for disclosure of Hearts. The beauty is that Hearts open for those who are helped, and for those who help.

My dream is to appear in the company of people who are able to truly love, give and accept love.

Help us, become the participant of wonderful recovery and fulfilling of a dream of our wards.

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